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Idrottsslussen - Parasport Academy 2018

05 JAN 2018 13:36
Idrottssluss presenterar Parasportaktiviteter för nyanlända/asylsökande/aldrig tidigare parasportande personer från olika kulturella och etniska bakgrunder med någon slags funktionsnedsättning - 15 år och äldre är välkomna att delta på tillfällena.
  • Uppdaterad: 07 MAJ 2018 12:43

“Idrottssluss” a Parasport training channel/an introduction to Swedish Parasport possibilities, for Refugees with some sort of disabilities - age15 years and older are welcome to join the secessions

Gothenburg Parasport Federation Hope to see you all at the next Para-“Idrottssluss”/Sports Academy secession, the Last Before Summer Edition

Information about the “Last before summer Idrottssluss/Parasport Academy secessionthat we at Parasport Gothenburg will host

  • Wednesday the 9 th of May (between 12 pm to 2 pm) we’ll try different Para sports in Pjäshallen and do “the Swedish FIKA” together...

We meet up at 12.00 pm inside the Sporthall: Pjäshallen in Gothenburg/Övre Kaserngården 8, Kviberg

During the autumn 2017/spring 2018 secessions Idrottslussen has had  17 Para-participants (Athletes with physical, intellectually and visually impairments) and some other “Idrottssluss” interested people around – hopefully more participants will join us during this last secession in spring 2018, before summer. We can offer to hand a “TIA Transport Agreement”; if a Para participant need that to make their way to the secessions – tough we off course need to have a personal contact with each other, to sign that kind of agreement!

Information about our “Idrottssluss/Sports Academy”secessions that we’ve: d done from the year 2016 until now is in following link translated into Arabic, Swedish and English (please spread the word about the Idrottsslsussen investment to all the people you know of that would be interested, now and in the future);

 Idrottssluss/Parasport Academy 17/18 also follow us at Facebook

– hope to see you, and –or a friend at this last before summer occasion! 

WE also plan for “a summer edition Idrottssluss/Parasport Academy secession” – watch out for more information about it..

Very welcome This is a mailto link 

Skribent: Stina Vikström
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